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From: Strict Leather
Vampire Gloves - Lambskin
Made of incredibly soft lambskin leather, the Strict Leather Vampire Gloves are perfect for sensatio...
Price: 48.99
From: KinkLab
Wartenberg Pinwheel with Sheath
Lightly roll over the skin for a unique sensation! The Wartenberg Pinwheel from Kinklab is great for...
Price: 21.99
From: XR Brands
Wartenberg Wheel
This classic nerve stimulator is a rolling pinwheel of sharp little points. The points are not sharp...
Price: 11.99
From: XR Brands
Zeus Deluxe Digital Power Box
The Zeus Electrosex Deluxe Digital Power Box features two channels with adjustable intensity, seven ...
Price: 109.98
From: XR Brands
Zeus Electro Bullet
Step up to the next level of bullet pleasure with the Zeus Electro Bullet. Made to work with all Zeu...
Price: 42.99
From: XR Brands
Zeus Electro Pussy Probe
Stimulate yourself from the inside with the Electro Pussy Probe! Simply connect the probe to your Ze...
Price: 58.99
From: XR Brands
Zeus Electro Torpedo Plug
Electrify your sex life with these cucumber-shaped plugs from Zeus Electrosex. The simplistic design...
Price: 38.99
From: XR Brands
Zeus Electrode Penis Pads
If you're looking for a high-intensity e-stim experience, you'll love the Zeus Electrode Penis pads....
Price: 15.95
From: XR Brands
Zeus Electrosex Parachute
Made for scrotum stimulation, this is a perfect accessory for your male partner when using a Zeus El...
Price: 43.99
From: XR Brands
Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands
The Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands are a very versatile toy. They're each unipolar, meaning electricity...
Price: 53.99
From: XR Brands
Zeus Nocturna Electro G-Seeker
Turn erotic sessions into something to be reckoned with. The Nocturna G Seeker has all the right twi...
Price: 48.96
From: XR Brands
Zeus Oversized Electrosex Pads
These pads work great to target a large area. They are made to work directly with Zeus Electrosex Po...
Price: 17.99
From: XR Brands
Zeus Palm Powerbox
The Palm Power Box is a great way to get started with e-stim play. With 6 modes and multiple levels ...
Price: 26.99
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